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  1. Korg d888 power supply voltage

    This unit has a switching power supply. Generally this means that it will accept both American and European supply voltages. Can anyone confirm this for me please?

  2. Yes it will accept both power supplies.
    But basically,if you notice that unit is not working as per its exact capacity then you dont have to use the unit on that power supply.If the product is running weak or slow to start,then this clarifies that its not supporting that power supply.
    But for your answer,I will say YES.A switching power supply excepts both American as well as European power supply voltages.

    If you can provide your EMAIL the present Techno answer for your product will give updated results for more help.Also for any other problem in future,remember Wikisolutions blog.

  3. I have a RCA model L46WD22YX5 TV...was working fine, turned off for the night and the next morning it would not work...lite comes on and stays green..try to turn it off and you have to press the off button serveral times and then when it goes off, it comes back on(lite) but no picture...Screen will flash every once in awhile as if its trying to work....I have had the sound go out and I replaced fuse on the soundboard about 4 months ago and it had worked fine since...what might I look for now

  4. This is control board issue.Not power supply board.The main control board is not getting communicated by the powersupply board.So the power led is coming up and nothing else after that.If you need more help.Provide your EMAIL id so the tech no expert can update you with more help.

    1. Im back. Sorry hit a wrong key. It flashes 5 times then goes to 3 short blinks then repeats. What do you think? It wont turn on

  5. i keep getting this message after trying to open easy web print that came with my canon pixma mg2120 all in one printer "Easy-WebPrint EX is not supported by the Safari version you are using, so you cannot use this plug-in." apparently, easy web print isn't compatable with safari 5.1 but is compatable with safari 5.0, the older version of safari. How in the hell do i get this thing running? if you can understand my frustration, i have been working at this for hours. please help.

    -ali thoes

  6. Canon MP110 Printer/Scanner updated to Windows 7 not printing in colour

  7. I have an RCA tv, model #L46WD22YX5. When I press the power button a red light flashes 5 times. Any idea what could be wrong and if it is fixable?

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  9. My Sharp Mx4501N prints all colours but black. The toner is adequate. What can be causing this problem and how do I fix it.

  10. Where is the factory harness located in a 94 sunbird with the cassette player down below the dash

  11. Chuck King. I have a front end loader LG washing machine model# WM2010CW and we had to do some work in the laundry room and we needed to kill the circuit for a little while. Ever since we powered the room back up, the washing machine will not turn lights, error codes, nothing. I've tried the, hold this button for X amount of seconds and a few other things, but still no response from washer. My next move is to open her up and try to locate a fuse or something. Could you please try and lead me in a good direction? Thank you so very much

  12. My Pandigital panscn02 will not take the sleeve to scan. The green light just keeps blinking. Thanks in advance

  13. Have GE profile Harmony Model WPGT9360E0PL . It just stopped working in the middle of a cycle. Power will not come on. checked breaker and outlet both are working. Tried unplugging for two minutes holding power button for 5 sec.. no good. Tried pushing power button and opening lid 6 times fast.. no good.. suggestions PLEASE